Saturday, 16 August 2014

OnePlus One vs. LG G3 / 4K UHD Video Comparison & Antutu Benchmark           

OnePlus One vs. LG G3 / 4K UHD Video Comparison. Both are recorded with default settings in UHD / 4K. This Youtube video is uploaded in 4K resolution. OnePlus One from

LG G3 to the left, OnePlus One to the right!
OnePlus has f/2.0 aperture while the G3 only has f/2.4
But the colours of the picture seems to be different, which do you actually like best?

OnePlus One vs. LG G3 / Antutu Benchmark - VERY close score!
Remember that the LG G3 runs with a 2K screen.
Both have same GPU! both run 100% stock settings and are not rooted/modified.

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