Monday, 1 September 2014

KingSing S2 Black, LG G3/G2 Clone? KnockOn, 4.4 Kitkat, Backside buttons, Heart Rate (Bob-seller on

Unboxing & Review

Find it here LINK by Bob's Technology on DHGate.
KingSing S2 Black, LG G3/G2 Clone? KnockOn, 4.4 Kitkat, Backside buttons, Heart Rate

The S2 comes with the MTK6582 1.3GHz Quadcore cpu, 5.0 inch IPS screen, Android 4.4 Kitkat, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. It features things like, buttons on the backside, Double tap to turn on/off display, heartrate monitor, Air Gestures, Air Call-accept and a screen with a very slim bezel.

Find the Full Stock ROM 4.4.2 (readback) with ROOT here: LINK TO NEEDROM


  1. S7yler could you help me choose a phone that cost max 175 euro's and has a 1080p screen and is between 5.0/5.7 inch is. Preferabbly with 2gb of ram 1gb is also okay.
    Thank you in regards

  2. Most phones under 200 euro are only 720p. But you could look on the Jiayu S2, there are 2 versions, one for 225 euro and 178 euro. The expensive version has 1080p and is 5.0 inch, 2GB RAM. The cheaper version only 1GB RAM. The phone is very thin, but the camera is just average I would say.

    More info here:

  3. You can find the 2 versions here

  4. Hello friend
    can you please tell me if the wifi of this phone works good? i live in a 2 stock house and i want to know if it;s going to work in both floors
    Do you think that this is going to help(it really did a good job in my " star s6 ;

    1. I think I would pick another phone then, because the WiFi is not the strongest on this model to be honest, but its okay in 1-2 rooms. I have no idea if that in the video would help.

    2. It will be great if you check it out and inform me .Thanks in advance

    3. I really like this phone and if the trick with alouminium works us good us my star s6 in order to make wifi stronger then i am going to buy one for my wife

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