Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Blackview Alife S1, Design Phone, Anti-fingerprint, IR Blaster, MTK6732, 5" HD JDI (

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• In Chrome browser you can watch this video in HD with 60fps!

The Blackview Alife S1 is a special DESIGNER smartphone designed by Dieter Rams, a German master in industrial design. The JDI HD screen is VERY good IMO, very sharp! high brightness and nice colors! And with the Miravision settings, this can be tweaked even more.

- 5.0 Inch Screen, 1280*720 Pixel HD JDI
- MTK6732 1.5GHz Quad Core (64bit)
- 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM
- IR Blaster/Remote control
- Anti-fingerprint coating
- Notification LED & Blackview logo with light
- Samsung 13 MP Back Camera + 5 MP Front Camera
- Android 4.4 System
- Very good/fast GPS with support for GLONASS
- Many Sensors, including Gyro Sensor
- Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA 900/2100MHz, FDD-LTE B3/B7/B20, Support 2G & 3G & 4G LTE Network


  1. Hi s7yler

    Just wanted yo know about the BlackView light. Is this the notification light? Does it change colour for different notifications?

    Also have you tested the camera out at night time yet? I would like to know if it is indeed the Samsung ISOCELL as claimed on their website...

    1. I will do the review of it later today. It has a notification LED, but only in red and green. And I checked the DevicesProperty on the phone and it shows that it is a real Samsung camera built-in so that is true. Check some camera samples here:

    2. Hi s7yler. Thanks for the link. The daytime photos look amazing. The colour reproduction seems to be really good. Looking forward to seeing some more night time shots and reading your full review on this phone. Thanks for your effort, really appreciate it.

    3. Don't expect super night time shots on this phone (anyway for 130 USD you can't really expect that) close up it can do some okay when it is dark, but when the distance is big, the flash LEDs can't do much to help it. The full review is in this video, that is the full review video

  2. Hello,
    The photos taken with the phone look great, but unfortunately I can't download the full sized photos. Therefore I can't see the amount of detail captured. Can you share the full sized photos? Thanks!

  3. Great review, as always, s7yler. Could you tell if both sim cards support 4G?

  4. the battery is now 2200 mAh and I like this phone !! good review !!

  5. Hey there! Is the speaker on this phone good, in terms of loudness, bass and clearness??? It's hard to judge through the video...!!!

    1. The speaker is kind of tiny, don't expect anything special. It's just a normal speaker. I expect you'r talking about the built-in rear speaker?

  6. Realistic options for people who want something very punctual: if the battery is urgent and nothing more: its probably your best choice ... btw: i have readed that the weight is considerable and it tooks hours to charge but ey... its part of it.
    Generally though: I think the X1 is way more balanced and got an excellent performance / price ratio : Octa-Core 1.5 GHz, 4GB ram, 64GB mem , two 13 Megapixels cameras and ip68 ( it comes with Lollipop but can be upgraded to 7.0) . Curious Bv, tho! and now in his 18k gold edition the battery is a must!! :O