Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Elephone P8000 - New press pictures & specification sheets

Elephone are soon going to release the successor to the P7000, the P8000 - the next step. So while we wait for it, lets have a look on some press pictures of the new model and some leaked sheets about the specifications.

On one of the sheets we see it says Launch Date June, 2015, so it might be released sooner than we expect, lets hope so :-) So far the design and specs seems very good.


  1. I hope P8000 support Dual Wifi and Glonass

  2. i wonder if anyone can find a solution for me... i got these 9 months the elephone p8000 which is fine and works great but..... i cant detect a microusb i cant transfer anything like movies or pics can you email me a solution?