Sunday, 9 August 2015

Aiwatch P360 (Review) Best Moto 360 Clone? MTK2502A, 1.22" IPS, Bluetooth Smart Watch Android / iOS (

Main Features:
- Chipset: MTK2502A SoC
- Android & iOS compatible
- Heartrate monitor / Sleep monitor / Pedometer
- Motion Menu Control & Wake
- Exercise heart rate accurate detection
- 53 Professional Waterproof IP Level
- Bluetooth v4.0
- 1.22 Inch IPS LCD view all 240x204 Pixel Capacitive Touch Screen
- 360 L Puresteel material housing
- 320mAh battery / 100 hours standby time (good batterylife)
- Same model as the Zeaplus DM360, but cheaper!
- Leather wristband in good quality
- Super loud sound via the built-in Speaker

1 comment:

  1. Nice review. I have one question, can you pair the heart rate sensor with the phone and transmit the heart rate data to an app on the phone (i.e. runtastic)? Thank you.
    Also do you have any comment on the atongm w013 smart watch?