Saturday, 12 December 2015


The GIVEAWAY is now closed! The winner has been found and has 2 days from now to contact me with his details or a new winner will be picked.

The WINNER (picked by random) is: Mitsos Da Best | Google Profile - Youtube Profile
Please comment below or send me your e-mail, and I will send you info back.

The winner won a free UMI EMAX MINI from Amazon! :-)

See how UMI randomly picked the price for each channel/site here:

Congratulations & Merry Christmas to all!

Amazon & UMI are giving away 8 products for 8 sites where is 1 of the 8.
The price sponsored by Amazon in cooperation with UMI - will be send from Amazon EU warehouse in 48 hours for free to the winner. So this Giveaway is only for Europeans. A winner for 1 product will be announced on this page.

How to take part in the giveaway:
1. Subscribe to & share this post on a Social Media platform
2. Visit the UMI page on Amazon and make a wish for 1 of the products (14-20 dec).
3. Post your wish in a comment in one of my Youtube videos (you pick the video). Important is that the comment has to end with /Xmas-Giveaway on
(If your comment is not shown immediately, it was probably marked as spam by Youtube, don't worry as I will get notified and approve all the Giveaway comments ongoing)

Check back on this post/page the 20 december 2015 and see if you WON (picked by random). The name will be posted public here!* (this giveaway is only for Europeans).

The winner will be sure to win a product. But UMI are going to pick the price (100% random) from the Amazon page and send it to the winner! The price can be any of the 8 products displayed, so it can be a phone or a headset. There is only one piece of each product available.

To be sure that UMI are not only sending headsets out, but also the phones and it is fair play, they will after the giveaway is over, show all sites and what the winners each have won.

*The winner has 2 days to respond! from 20/12/2015 or a new winner will be picked.
I reserve the right to change the rules or disqualify users if necessary. What you win is a free phone from UMI, you don't have to buy anything! Custom tax (if any) will be the winners own responsibility. The winner will be drawn randomly. This is held by s7yler in cooperation with UMI. Participation is free and everything/the steps are optional. No responsibility is accepted for errors, ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently.


  1. Hi I wish for for this
    the UMI IRON Pro /Xmas-Giveaway

  2. Awesome giveaway ! The umi amazon page is not linked properly though !

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