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LeEco Letv Le1 Pro X800 (US version/Review & Unboxing) Best value for money? (

• For EU find the Le1 Pro here at efox:
• For US/CN find the Le1 Pro here at efox:

Hey guys, this is my full review of the LeEco Letv Le1 Pro X800 (US version). At the moment I have a cold so sorry if my voice is a bit groggy. The brand/company was before called Letv but they recently changed their name to LeEco that stands for Le Ecosystem, as they now sell a lot of different products, not only smartphones.

The LeEco Letv Le1 Pro X800 is not anymore the newest device, in fact it has been on the market for some time. But recently the price dropped on this model to only €179.99 ($205). Before that it was priced 300-400 USD. So currently this may be one of the best phones you can get for a low price, because the build quality and hardware is very high and currently better than any other phone in the same priceclass.

In this video I also show you how to upgrade the US firmware that the phone comes with out of the box. The reason for that is that the stock ROM is not recommended as the browser and Youtube app is a bit buggy. After you have made the simple firmware update (shown in my video at time 5:06) these things will run 100% stable and fine and this phone can be 100% recommended.

Download the fastboot EFOX ROM updates here (Drivers are included):
- Efox US ROM 1 Update here:
- Efox US ROM 2 Update here:

Camera samples here:

Do NOT flash the original Chinese Letv ROMs on the US variant as it will brick the device. If you have bricked it (dead, only found as Qualcomm HS-USB 9008) you can unbrick it using the info and downloads on my blog here

PROS / Good sides:
- Gyroscope + Compass
- Super good price
- Very good build quality & design
- Fast SoC and high quality hardware
- Good 2K display and 4GB RAM
- Very nice camera quality and 4K video support
- Mute button on the side

CONS / Bad sides:
- US version not compatible with the CN firmwares
- US ROM has no wireless update function
- No microSD card support
- Max 1 day with the battery
- No band20 LTE
- eUI may not be everyones taste
- Black border around the display is very visible

LeEco Letv Le1 Pro X800 specifications:
- 5.5 inch Quad HD 2K Sharp screen, 2560x1440 pixels, 538 PPI
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 2.0GHz Octa Core
- 4GB LPDDR4 RAM + 64GB Storage
- Cameras: 13 MP OIS Sony IMX214 main + 4 Ultrapixels front
- Dual tone flash LEDs
- 3000mAh battery
- Unibody metalbody
- Mute button on the left side
- Bluetooth 4.1, MHL 3.0 (4K-video-out), USB Type-C, IR Blaster
- WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, WiFi Display, WiFi Direct, Mobile Hotspot
- 3.5mm Audio mit Dolby 5.1
- Dual SIM: Micro SIM+NANO SIM, microSD cards not supported
- eUI OS (based on Android 5)
- Gyro-Sensor, Compass
- 2G & 3G & 4G LTE Networks
- GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
- WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100
- FDD-LTE B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B12/B17/B25/B26 (no FDD-LTE B7+B20 support!)
More specs on


  1. What else does this ROM change ?

  2. Helloo,
    I can do this Rom with recovery mode ?
    Thank you

    1. No will only work on a PC, and when you put phone in fastboot mode.

  3. Hi

    Why flashing to the original Chinese firmware bricks the phone? Does this means the telephone is fake?

    Also, is there a link to an official release of this firmware updates from Efox? I'm kinda paranoid to install stuff found on random blogs (no offence) ^_^

    Anyways, you did an amazing job with this review. I researched about it all day and you are the only one that could offer me clear infos about the firmware update.

    Thank you! :)

    1. The Chinese firmware is only compatible with the Chinese variant, on the US variant you can not install the Chinese firmware. Phone is not fake, but different version. If you want the files directly from efox, try to contact efox on instead, I don't know here they store the files. Last time I found a link from them, the download link was dead. So that's why I did a mirror of the same files.

  4. Hello,

    thanks for your video and information provided. I'm not an expert in that field, but it seems that I should be able to make an update according to your instructions.
    I just have few questions:
    1/ I have my Leeco X800 US for a week and have installed Apex launcher on it - shall I just leave when I start with upgrade process or shall I put the settings back via factory reset?

    2/ I have noticed there is even bigger problem with that original ROM version (not just the Youtube cracking issue) - there are some malwares and troyan detected by eset antivirus I use. Just today I also noticed new application are being installed on my phone. I made a small research and it looks there is an Ant keyboard and Search services (pre-installed apk) that make that problems. Will your upgrade fix this issue also? or is there any way i can get a rid of those two pre-installed apk? (didn't find any serious way how to root that phone)

    Your help would be really appreciated.

    1. 1) I think you can just leave it (try first with that). But a factory reset before would still be recommended, just to clean things up first.
      2) Yeah I noticed that too after some use. Unfortunately the updates don't change anything on that. I have only the search service found as malware by ESET. Haven't found a way to remove it, I guess it requires Root to do so, and then try to disable or uninstall/remove (could be dangerous) it with Link2SD. So I can't really help you with a solution. I don't really think that it is a dangerous trojan/malware, so I for now just leave it on the phone.

  5. Hi, so I got the phone I did the tutorial and installed the ROM(what ROM it is?) and have been using it for a month, but now applications are being downloaded without my permission, I uninstall them and they come back, I installed antiviruses and antimalwares and antitrojans, they tell me that to being able to eliminate the malwares I need to root the phone because they are inside the preinstalled apps and I dont know how to do that or if its safe to do it or I need to change to another ROM or something.
    Help me please.

  6. Hi styler, I wanna ask you about flashing the efox rom for this device. Are you flash it with 64bit windows running on your pc? Or is it okay if I flash it in my pc with 32bit windows? 'cause I heard some issues when you flash 64bit android with 32bit windows on your pc. Thanks before for your tutorial on YouTube. Have a nice day

  7. I very bought a used one. How can I see if it s US or CN?

    1. The easiest way to know is if there's a CE logo in the backside of your phone, it means your phone is US version. If not, means your phone is CN version. Cmiiw

    2. There is a big CE0560 LOGO. So it s a US version...

    3. I also want to ask:
      I wear cm 12.1.can I easily flash Cuoco's 14s?

    4. I also want to ask:
      I wear cm 12.1.can I easily flash Cuoco's 14s?

    5. You can easily install cuoco's 14 via custom recovery (twrp) and don't forget to full wipe (cache, dalvik, and data) to avoid crash or some problem on your phone after you flash a new rom, so don't forget to backup your data

  8. Hi everyone. Would you buy the Le1 pro over the Le2 pro?? I can't make a decision!

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    1. I need a new LCD+Touch screen with glass for the LeTV X800, can you send me one? then I will put your link on the page + on YouTube as return.

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