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PITAKA Carbon/Aramidcore Magnetic Card Holder with Modular Design (


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Are you fed up with the bulky wallet or the nondurable leather card holder? Such problems may trouble you all the way before you meet PITAKA Aramidcore carbon fiber card holder. It's an excellent business card holder which merges the Hi-tech and the idea of nature & environment protection.

PITAKA card holder is built with carbon fiber and reinforced by Aramidcore technology. This perfect convergence in PITAKA card holder makes it strong, water-proof and won't cause color fading over times. It highlights the features for its elegant & stylish design, thin & light body, better protection, durability and reliability.

With the magnetic modular design, it's convenient for you to add more modules to store more cards, easily access your cards and place them back into the holder. Practically, it's well used for all your Chip Cards (all standard ISO/IEC7810 ID-1 format cards included).

Multifunction and Practical - store all cards in one place (from credit cards to loyalty cards)
• Convenient and Smart - with magnetic mechanism design.
• Modular Design - it can be separated into 4 independent modules.
• Hi-tech and Quality Raw Material - made of premium Aramidcore carbon fiber.
• Lightweight, strong, durable with great protection again scratch and bumps.
• Perfectly used for chip cards but not magnetic strip cards.

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